Winners of the Nationwide Awards for Under 50 Business and Corporate Leaders – 2022 have been announced by Business Mint

A celebration of a company’s hard work and accomplishments. The Nationwide Business & Corporate Leaders Awards honour the doers – individuals or corporations – who are the finest performers and innovators

New Delhi (India), January 20: The Nationwide Awards honour outstanding Indian business executives and organizations for their dedication to excellence, best practices, and creative tactics. We are happy to continue the tradition of the Awards, which define and honour vision, promote the spirit of achievement, and reward excellence in business leadership in India, which we have hosted since 2018. Leaders who have contributed to and impacted the Indian economy, as well as visionaries behind today’s exceptional firms, are recognized and honoured by the Nationwide Awards. The Nationwide Awards will highlight best practice learning and best practice learnings. The Nationwide Awards, presented by Business Mint, are back with a new series called Nationwide Awards Under 50 Business & Corporate Leaders – 2022.

Over 1000 nominations were received from many industries, including real estate, education, healthcare, marketing, software, aviation, and media. After selecting the most innovative and forward-thinking business and corporate executives, there were 40 winners in a variety of categories.

A corporate leader is responsible for motivating and focusing people on the organization’s success, which includes raising and maintaining morale by ensuring that every employee understands the critical position they play in the company and is focused on their commitment. Motivation differs from spirit in that it is more closely linked to a monetary reward, such as a salary, commission, or bonus. The leader, on the other hand, is responsible for formulating and following out such plans. Awards for a manager or leader can energize the people who work for him or her since they often indicate a cohesive team that has achieved big goals. It’s also an opportunity to emphasize vital ideals and work practices for the company’s long-term success. Other managers and executives in the organization will often be motivated to enhance their areas of operation as a result of this.

Business Mint published a list of firms, agencies, non-profits, and government organizations run by corporate leaders whose groups and missions have resulted in success:

List of Nationwide Awards Under 50 Business & Corporate Leaders – 2022 Winners: 

  • Arjun Singgh Baran, Film Producer – GSEAMS – Film Production Category
  • Swati Budhia Sarawagi, Director – Swarnim International School – Education Category
  • Naveen Naidu, Director Corporate Real Estate & Facilities – Nuance Communications (Microsoft) – IT & ITES Category
  • Madhusudhan BC, CEO & Founder – Beleiv Bereavement Technologies Pvt Ltd – Funeral Services Category
  • Nishant Dayal, Director – Elite Sports Management – Sports Management Category
  • Jaya Prasad, Founder & CEO – 19Dots – Communication Expert Category
  • Saptarshi Ghosh, Founder & CEO – D’SolveEcotech Pvt Ltd – Clean-Tech Category
  • Sanjay Khimesara, Founder & CEO – Arena Geeta Bhawan(Venture of Horizon Institute of Design) – Educationist Category
  • PremsaiSamontoray, Founder – Enhance LifeSkill – Clarity & Focus Coach Category
  • MD.MUBASHEER ALI, Diabetologist – Diabetologist Category
  • SrimathyKesan, CEO & Founder – Space Kidz India – Aerospace Category
  • Snehkumar G Jaju, Founder – JAJU’S FLOORING CONCEPTS – Granite, Marble & Ceramic Supply Company Category
  • Bhavesh Suryakant Soni, Founder – Shravani Knowledge Ventures Pvt ltd – Education Counselor & Trainer Category
  • N.Karuna Moorthy, MD – Windplus Pvt Ltd – Energy Projects Category
  • Amitabh Ramani, Global Marketing Head – Jade Global – Marketing Function – IT Services Category
  • Vandana Sachdev, Co-Founder & COO – BuzzOne – Influencer Marketing Category
  • Prashen H Kyawal, Creative Producer – S D Motion Pictures Pvt Ltd – Creative Producer Category
  • Keshav Batter, CEO & Founder – Yuvaryan Exports Pvt Ltd – Flower Diffuser Category
  • Mohan Kumar Anand, Digital Media Professional – Adani Digital Labs – Digital Transformation Category
  • Karthik Ramesh, VP International Markets & Head Innovation – Emids Technologies – Transformation & Innovation Category
  • Arpan Basu, Director Marketing & Product Development – Gibraltar – Air Spring Marketing Category
  • Simran Gurnani, Director & Founder – CHAI VAAI CAFÉ – Café Franchise Category
  • Simran Ballani, Doctorate Candidate – EIU Paris | Pedagogical Director – CCE Finland – Education Innovation & Research Category
  • Dinesh Garg, Co-Founder – Southdelhiprime – Luxury Real Estate Category
  • Rohit Chopra, Founder – Southdelhiprime – Luxury Real Estate Category
  • Tina Dharamsey, Partner – Abstract Designer – Production Designer Category
  • Chikkala Venugopal Rao, CEO – Verch Consulting LLP – HR Consulting & Technology Category
  • Purav Shah, CEO – QuaQua – Travel Platform Category
  • Neha Prasad, Founder – Vocalart – Sports Infrastructure Category
  • Niyateey Shah, Founder & MD – TVARITA PHONES PRIVATE LIMITED – Refurbished Mobiles Company Category
  • Vikram Varma, Founder – Raw & Ruckus Hydroponic Farms – Urban Farm Category
  • Neha Kare Kanabar, Founder & CEO – Unimo Universe of Moms – Professional Community Management Category
  • SonalChugh, Founder – Dr Sonals Homoeopathy Clinics – Homeopathy Category
  • Vishal Anand, Founder – Shoolini University – University Education Category
  • Lt Col Monish Ahuja, CMD – PRESPL – Bio-Energy Category
  • Jasbir Singh, Founder & Principal Strategist – Anaād Consultants LLP – Education Consulting Category
  • Bharti Singh Chauhan, Founder & CEO – PraveenLataSansthan – Social Entrepreneurship Category
  • Ravi Shankar Agiri, MD – SHIVASHIVANI RICE MILLS PRIVATE LIMITED – Rice Mill ( Food Processing) Category
  • Ranganath I V S, CEO & Founder – Shriram Biosed Genetics &Bioseed Research – Employee Life Cycle Management Category
  • Waseem Syed, Founder – WABI SABI SALON & SPA – Health & Beauty Category

 Mr. Vinay Kanth Korapati, Founder of Business Mint, says, The Nationwide Awards Under 50 Business & Corporate Leaders was established as a significant step toward recognizing transformational leadership across the entrepreneurial arena, including start-ups, mid-sized businesses, and worldwide corporations. Each year, Business Mint honours and awards exceptional individuals and businesses who have demonstrated strong vision, foresight, and integrity. The Nationwide Awards for Under 50 Business & Corporate Leaders – 2022honours observant and forward-thinking firms that have contributed to the growth of design by practising and enforcing the highest standards as a matter of practice and policy.

Business Mint is the one-stop destination to serve organizations and entrepreneurs for their professional advancement through research and recognition approaches. Business Mint is a platform for associations and business people where individuals get acknowledgement for their diligent effort. Their good try to perceive the incredible business thoughts, adventures, and great individuals behind them that get it going at any expense.

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